Card invitation to travel by Petite Marquise

PetiteMarquise2Today is the turn of Crystelle to appear! She is responsible for all the stationery part of our photo shoot (invitations, RSVP, menu, caton food presentation …).
And when I asked her to send me his blurb, well I found myself very stupid ^^ because I did not have much to add! It tells you our meeting, so I’ll let him speak 😉 :

PetiteMarquiseIt is the meeting due to chance.

Sometimes the Facebook network does things .. Going glean on these pages, I found myself on the Julie DS Event I found fresh and pretty, a few minutes later by accessing her website, I found composing number – and, Ipresented myself….

Hello Julie, I Crystelle Petite Marquise – allow me to contact you, I am a graphic designer, I create all kinds of cards for the wedding, all the ones you want based on the theme of your married .. And in turn, beyond the distance, Julie made ​​presentations. Whatever the distance, beautiful encounters are exclusive.

Again thank you Julie for trusting me. Africa is part of us, our history. Petite Marquise is cosmopolitan, sharing all cultures and is open to meetings.

I want to add that Crystelle is someone I like, available and attentive. It is generous of his personality. And then I gave her full confidence for our visuals, I have not been disappointed :)

Do not hesitate to contact, meet, especially go and see her website!

(PS Did you notice the small preview of shooting the head of this article ^ ^)


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