Ceremony and wedding in a castle, travel theme [part2]

Time is flying.. The season starts and the months before are also well filled! The ceremonies will be begin and I attack with my little married the big part of the preparation. So time is coming to share with you the commitment ceremony of Elodie Romain! Remember, they had previously unveiled their cute wedding and atmosphere on the theme of travel.

Elodie and Romain had attended the J & F ceremony in Bordeaux. They loved this moment so singular and genuinely like the married.

That is why they wanted to celebrate their union through a commitment ceremony, in conformity with their convictions and their lives. A ceremony in front of their family and friends, in the sincerity of their feelings and compliance of values ​​in which they believe that the confidence and respect of the other.

And the least we can say is they played the game thoroughly. For them, we created two rituals.

  • The ritual of lavender, participatory ritual since every guest had a sprig of lavender and asked them to form two bouquets for the bride and groom. Lavender, for its symbolic purifying and soothing. And lavender is also an expensive region of Provence in their eyes!
    They were later burnt the lavender, and I found myself a shaman for the first time since I was officiating;). Taking advantage of their relationship to purify fumes and bring luck to their new homes!
  • The second ritual was named the construction ritual. My two lovers working in the architecture and construction, we imagined manufacture a brick with their initials during the ceremony. Romain has made a small mold, and found the right cement. Symbolic of the land and water for the production of bricks, but especially additional stone to the building of their relationship, I really enjoyed working on this ritual!

And this entire ceremony was held near the forest, under a tree. The groom made a swing that we hung on the main branch, creating a fantastic picture!

It was a real moment of sharing with emotions and accompanied by beautiful speeches.

To close this article, I decided to share with you the music playlist for the ceremony. I think also soon create a post dedicated to all of my music ceremonies, this will be to inspire future marriage? Tell me if you’re interested

“Bach to Africa” ​​- Sankanda Lasset uns nicht den zerteilen
“Little Light Of Love” – ​​Eric Serra
“I do it for you” – Bryan Adams
“Without you” – David Guetta ft Usher
“All Of Me” – John Legend & Lindsey Stirling
“Happy” – Pharrell Williams

Thank you again and Elodie Romain, for their love, their respect. A wonderful couple who promises life with a beautiful, long journey

Also thank you for your trust!

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