Commitment Ceremony

The lay ceremony is also called the ceremony of commitment. It is an event to celebrate the promises and vows exchanged between a couple in their union. Without connotation to anti-religion. It allows couples to achieve a ceremony with a special meaning for them, totally focused on their values ​​and of their love.

For reasons of you own, you have decided not to pass in front of the Mayor on your wedding day, but you want even more than an expeditious administrative Exchange.
Or do you want to simply not sign administratively.

Then why not imagine a ceremony centered on you and your partner?

The lay ceremony has only one rule: and that is LOVE!

You are now free to let your imagination speak! A unique ceremony, representing your commitment and your values, in a place rich in symbolism that best suits you. Inside or outside, mountain, forest, sea, fields, twilight or night, everything is imaginable and importantly conceivable!

Punctuated rituals sealing your commitments, you will experience a rich emotional ceremony.

DS Event offers to write the plot of your secular ceremony, to accompany you in the choice of your rituals and music and guide your speakers. We can prepare the ceremony and decoration and take care of all preparation and installation over the entire facility on your big day. Finally, we will intervene as the officiator and shall insure it is making good progress.The secular ceremony has only one rule: love!

Diana Formula:

  • Our first appointment – allows us to get acquainted and to see how together, you imagine your ceremony.
  • Our second appointment – we will validate all your musical choices and the rituals that punctuate your ceremony. You can also indicate to me who are the persons that you wish to see intervening .
  • Preparation of the ceremony.
  • Installation of the ceremony (with much on sound, microphone and control panel)
  • Signature and delivery of a symbolic certificate of your union at the end of the ceremony

Formula Freya

  • The whole formula of Diana
  • Ark bamboo (or other to study)
  • Books of the Ceremony

Formula Vesta

  • The VESTA Formula combined in the formula Venus (complete organization)

Of course, feel free to contact us if you wish for any other combination than those proposed, then those proposed as well as personalized estimate.

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