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Selfie sur le photobooth retro rock

There are almost 3 weeks, I attended to journey through time. A picnic retro, back in 50’s, in a pinups’ atmosphere! This is Audrey, owner of Mas de l’Olivine, which hosted the picnic, accompanied by Christelle, talented photographer of Christel’Art who has initiated this event. Audrey asked me if I wanted to participate by taking a stand, a deco stand on the estate. Loving this time, it was a great opportunity to have fun bringing my touch on this event.

Maisons du Monde trust me again, and I could imagine a retro and rockabilly place! Add more fun photobooth props and that was perfect 😉

Photobooth retro pinup

I let you discover the few photos I have taken, even if it is only a small part of the field.

Ambiance retro rockabilly pinup décoration retro 50's décoration rockabilly déco retro pinup

In my case I had a great time surrounded by people more elegant than each other. A real step back in time, when men and women were really superb! And I discovered more great talents like Krystie Redsugar from So Nice Pinup, who took care of setting beauty of pinups of the day :) or Magaly from Sabores de Lucia, who regaled us with these little dishes!

Thank you again for this nice initiative!

I’ll let you find all the photos on the gallery, the picnic retro pinup, rockabilly.

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