Invitation’s cards for a Lego birthday

invitation-Originale-Lego_2Last week my children were invited to a birthday themed Legos.

I let you discover the birthday invitation’s card they received. Homemade, original, fun (for children and adults), in short, from my point of view, successful!

I’ll let you discover it on the blog! I would love to share with you the decorative elements, but weather was not in the party, we were inside and the few pictures I have taken do not give the reality. But the giant piñata was a lego man, small shortbread shaped head lego, small cubic pots filled with dye look like faces, etc … everything was very well imagined!

invitationOriginale invitationOriginaleLego
As for the invitation: three silhouettes of three components, 27 possibilities ^^
I’m a fan, and I had to share with you the good idea!

Congratulations friends :), it is very successful! !

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