The agency

DS Event prides itself on being above all a welcoming, friendly, dynamic and professional agency, ready to invest 100% to give you exceptional moments!
Our priority is for you to enjoy these unique moments, whilst we are taking care of all the administrative bits.
Therefore, we will be there to advise and provide you with ours best tools and our network full of motivated and extra talented professionals.

The agency

If inspiration or the time you miss, if you want to enjoy these precious moments without worrying about all the risks, or if you just need help organizing a post because you lack a provider the ‘something more’ for your party reaches perfection, you can rely on our expertise and the talent of our partners. For all those important moments in life, DS Event is there for you!

Your Wedding Planner


Julie is 30 years old, mum of 2 children and has lived in Gabon until the age of 18. Julie has completed her Masters Degree in the computer engineering area and has worked 7 years in commercial management field. But Julie had to come to term with the fact that she needed something different, where she could express her energy, creativity, social and organisational skills. That’s why she eventually launched D.Shire Event on May 19, 2013.

Confucius: “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

labelMariageJulie is very particular about details, very hands-on, a keen follower of the “Do it yourself” and “Sweet Tables” movements, which gives her a great eye for detail and plenty of unique ideas.

In addition to these personal assets, Julie has successfully completed the certification as “Chef Event Manager Wedding Planner” by Label Training.