The Wedding

Once engaged, you are now free to imagine the wedding of your dreams, one which will most suit the needs of you and your partner. Put your trust in our wedding planner, who will be involved all the way with you, providing guidance, running through ideas, but always making sure your choice are fully respected.
Here are the different options that we are providing:

Formula Venus – Complete Organization

So that’s it! The decision has been made, you have crossed the line and suddenly you will feel, the release of stress from your shoulders.  So… Where do we start? How? Why? And When? With Venus formula, all you have to do is to stop worrying and relax, as we take care of everything!
First appointment: Contact us (Face to Face or via Skype) for a free consultation without any commitment on your part. This consultation will happen via Skype or face to face, depending on your calendar. Through our exchanges, we will guide you through all aspects of your day. Together we will build your ideal of happiness, for your very special day.
Project Proposal: Once this initial appointment has happened, we will be able to present to you, a few days later, our Wedding Chart (project). That document will list all the requirements needed (photographer, caterers, events room etc…) and will offer validated providers, as well as taking into consideration your budget. We will also present the mood board of your wedding, which will create a thread of continuity throughout your wedding regarding decoration and ambiance. With all of this information, you can then think about it and make your decision quietly and in your own time.
Our Service: Great, our proposal interests you and you have decided to trust us! In that case, we make an agreement through a contract of service offer, and we can start working towards your beautiful adventure. This involves providing you with a clear vision of the organisation of the coming months, and going through each step of the way with you. This includes important moments such as meeting and validating providers. And, of course your wedding planner remains entirely available for you, as soon as you need it.
And as a bonus, we offer you your wedding blog. This is a space where you can share information with your guests and/or with your witnesses, for example regarding the program of your big day, such as sleeping arrangements…etc…
The big day : Enjoy each moment, we manage and take care of everything!

Formula Innana – Coordination D-day

You already have everything in mind and you are well ahead on the organisation of your wedding. Each step of the way has been successfully managed by our and those close to you. However, for the D Day, you want to let them relax and enjoy that special day instead of relying on them. In that case, we provide help in order to insure the perfect orchestration of your special day.
Ideally you need to contact us a minimum of 2 months prior to the chosen date. We will then arrange a consultation, so that you can explain to us your project, as well as provide us with the list of chosen providers for your wedding (contact details, names, phone numbers, address).
1.We establish the backward planning of your wedding, which will explains the steps towards your Big Day, and where we will intervene.
2.We will then make contact with your chosen providers to ensure that they will comply with what you have been decided with them.
15 days before – we (together) will review and if need be, adjust the guest list and table plans. We can also arrange for your decorations to be available and setting the decoration if a trial test is conducted.
During the last week – we will re-validate with all the original providers to confirm planning is still running smoothly.
And finally, the big-day – we ensure the co-ordination of all your providers and all the tedious logistical details. We know do us discrete, and you can enjoy!


Dreaming of a retro wedding or Modern? A Bohemian atmosphere? Or rather chic! Pastel colors? Or on the contrary, explosive! One thing is certain, the decoration for your wedding should look like you and what you like. Whatever you desire, we can accomadate, and we will make sure that your wedding is unique, and will project properly your union.
From the decoration of your place of worship, by way of passing through the reception hall and vin d’honneur, not to mention the stationery (invitations, menus, table place card, guest presents), we create all the threads of continuity of your theme and assure the implementation.
To do this, we will define the plot and the atmosphere of your dreams for your wedding during our first consultation. We will then offer a Mood Board and overview sketches. Subsequently, we will validate together all quotes of decoration.
And finally, we will ensure the preperation and setting up of  all the decorations on your big day.

Wedding Blog

What is this?
A fun and interactive way to communicate with your witnesses and/or guests!
Imagine a website that looks like you, containing the information that you want to share such as group photos, the who’s who of witnesses and families list, detailed agenda  of the day, plan of access, possible places of accommodation, venue and accommodation roadmaps etc…
This service is included in the VENUS (full organization) formula, but can also be proposed separately. Please feel free to contact us for more information!

**Please feel free to contact us for more information!